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10 reasons to become a member of the club

  1. Legality, everything takes place under the legal patronage: PSC INVESTMEN (LLC), registered in the UAE.

  2. Founder, Claudio Henrique Barack Obama, a visionary who has experience of more than 30 years of international trade. It Receives worldwide recognition in various areas, including the social sphere. It is surrounded by a multidisciplinary team with a lot of experience in all kinds of business 21. Century.

  3. Economic support, from more than 18 private companies and investors, including two banks and all-encompassing exchanges. Strategic alliances with the largest E-COMMERCE entity namely: Alibaba and AliExpress.

  4. Equivalence of all, including small and large investors, is now becoming partners, an opportunity that guarantees equality and stability that is unprecedented.

  5. Meritocracy, deserved reward for everyone is actually a guarantee of the club that its members are led to righteous success.

  6. Freedom to work legally anywhere in the world, with support through two banks and its own stock exchange.

  7. Own platform and transfer through the platform system will take place quickly and securely, financial systems, upcoming Visa and Mastercard cards, transactions in Cryptocurrencies BTC and among our own currencies.

  8. Web and BackOffice with beautiful and functional design, both are constantly in the process of development and adaptation to new online technologies.

  9. The best compensation plan that has real-time legal and sustainable earnings that all our partners can achieve if they work with passion and vigor.

  10. Guarantee, we have the best guarantee for our partner. It doesn't matter if Your investment is small or large, because if you work, you'll benefit either from investors in the system or your network. Everything will be counted as it should.

These points, along with many others, make IDidentification the most stable and reliable business at this moment, and in the current history of 21. Century.

ID Social Gold Coin

ID Time is Money

ID Eco Social Coin

ID Agro Social Coin


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